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FREE SHIPPING on all SAMSUNG ORDERS within Metro Manila
FREE SHIPPING on all SAMSUNG ORDERS within Metro Manila

McDodo CA-4320 - A smart cable that fits all mobiles!

A durable fabric-covered cable with magnetic connection.

Now you will never wear out the charging socket on your smartphone again! Plug the small magnetic connector into the charging socket on your iPhone, for example, and then simply connect the cable for quick and easy charging. Included in the package are three different connectors so you do not have to waste money on different cables and an LED indicator shows when the device is charging.

The connectors are made of stainless steel. Soft cable with durable alloy cable. The copper wire is high quality with high structural strength.

Like other cables from Mcmodo, the cable is made of woven nylon and lasts incredibly much longer than a regular cable, while at the same time the appearance is significantly improved. This is an exclusive, luxurious and smart cable that charges and synchronizes at the same time. With the extreme durability, you do not have to think about buying a new cable for a long time to come!

  • Magnetic connection - Less risk of wear in the charging socket
  • Connectors for all types - Both Micro-USB, Lightning and USB-C
  • Woven nylon - Long durability


  • Current: 2A
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Color: Silver