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P100 OFF delivery fee minimum of P1,000 purchase.
P100 OFF delivery fee minimum of P1,000 purchase.
  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model: Mi Handheld 1C Vacuum Cleaner (SCWXCQ02ZHM)
  • Vacuum cleaner without cables or bag
  • Power: 350W
  • Suction power: 120W
  • Noise level: 85 dB
  • Filter: 5-layer filter system
  • Bucket: 0.5 L
  • Features:
    • HEPA filter
  • Battery:
    • Autonomy: up to 60 minutes (standard mode)
    • Charging time: up to 3.5 hours
  • Weight: 3.3 Kg

Xiaomi Mi Handheld 1C Vacuum Cleaner - Cordless and Bagless Vacuum

Cordless and Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - 350W Power - 5-layer HEPA Filter - Multiple Brushes - Silent - Up-to-60-minute Autonomy

We like you to have the cleanest house. Atwe always think about your comfort, your well-being and improving your quality of life in a spectacular way. That is why we try to offer the best vacuum cleaners for your home, so that you can keep it clean for a long time effortlessly. With the new cord-free vacuum cleaneryou can get everything you want, in a simple and easy way. You'll love it!

A Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

This new cordless vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Roidmi is spectacular. It is one of the best vacuum cleaners around. You will keep your house clean easily thanks to its ability to adapt to all situations. This model has a digital motor that easily reaches 350W, generating an impressive suction capacity, which will improve the cleaning of your home. It will fight dust and pet hair in an incredible way, since it has a. It manages to eliminate more than 99% of allergens and returns the air purified. Light and comfortable, this model is designed to be able to adapt to you, who needs the best help for the care of your home and your people. Very powerful and adaptable!

A Great Autonomy

The newis designed to be able to adapt to whatever you need at any given time. It has, providing you with a great capacity of adaptation and making possible to vacuum the different surfaces at home. Very comfortable to use, this new model of Xiaomi provides an autonomy ofin standard mode, more than enough for you to use it throughout your home and not have to recharge. Its lithium battery is fully charged. We are also talking about one of the most silent and powerful models from Xiaomi. The newwill be your biggest ally against dust and you can find it at. Keep your house clean for a long time effortlessly