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FREE SHIPPING on selected orders P12,990 and up
FREE SHIPPING on selected orders P12,990 and up



Limited Warranty Claims

  •  All mobile phones and tablets, regardless of brand, are covered with one (1) year limited warranty.

Seven (7) Days Replacement (Brand Policy)

  • This is a matter of policy of the brand and its service center, and thus may not be true to all brands and service centers;
  • The unit may be replaced or repaired provided the corresponding diagnostic and technical report with recommendation was accomplished and approved by the service center and suppliers;

  • Verified defective units will be replaced by the service center within seven (7) days upon receipt of the unit;

  • In instances when defective units are claimed from our regular stores, approval of the brand/service center must be sought first and must be covered by a technical/diagnostic report.

Technical & Diagnostic Reports

  • In case of claims for repairs or replacements, only authorized service center or brands may issue technical and diagnostic reports.


  • Kindly ensure to keep the Official Sales Invoice for warranty purposes. In case the item purchased online has a problem, customer may contact these numbers 0929 236 1511 | 0967 318 1955 or email us at for proper instruction.